Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring to Summer Fashion Inspo...

I love this time of year for dressing; we can say au revoir to bulky layering, ciao to knitted scarves and adios to woolly hats. It's so exciting to dust off our spring clothes to usher in a new wave of style that the previous season made us forget. Though, I'm not a big lover of typical spring attire of pastels and florals. Instead, I like to opt for a lighter colour palette, looser fabrics and a peep of tanned, radiant skin. That's why my spring-summer fashion inspiration won't showcase any pastel pinks or floral dresses anytime soon ("florals for spring? Groundbreaking" - please tell me you get this reference).

So with the season in full bloom (literally), I've been endlessly scanning inspiration on Pinterest to freshen up my wardrobe for 2017. Here's what I found!

All photos courtesy of Pinterest
What do have planned for spring?

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